Veterans Committee

  • Join our Veterans Committee and help solve problems impacting veterans or find projects where veterans can help build a community.

Arts Committee

  • Join our Arts Committee to present various forms of art especially music to the community.​

Love and Peace Committee

  • Join our Love and Peace committee to help bring about more diversity and harmony in our region.

Youth Mentors Committee

  • Join our Youth Mentors Committee to connect veterans with our regions youth that can benefit from having a positive mentor in their lives.

Business Networking Committee

  • Join our Business Networking Committee where we bring our veterans together and demonstrate how we are business leaders and assets to the economy in the region.
  • Shelia Beasley, PhD
  • Quinntarra Morant, Esq.
  • Alphonso Sloan
  • Robert Thomas
  • Dawn Webb-Turner
  • Tony Eaves
  • Ray Jones
  • Judith Ginyard (Veteran)
  • Larry Short (Veteran)
  • Author Seward-El (Veteran)
  • Harry Wimms (Veteran)
  • Arthur Giles (Veteran)
  • Renarda Walker (Veteran)
  • Norman Sampson (Veteran)
  • Ron Wilson (Veteran)
  • Joshua Brown-Bey (Veteran)
  • Kyle Wilson (Veteran)
  • Calvin Jackson (Veteran)
  • William Steele (Veteran)
  • Rick Arnold (Veteran)
  • Dan Galvin (Veteran)
  • Mark Anderson (Veteran)
  • Terrell Patillo (Veteran)
  • Ashley Woodson (Veteran)
  • Gail Manker (Veteran)
  • Kevin McGuire (Veteran)
  • Garfield Griffin (Veteran)
  • Richard Portis (Veteran)
  • Sean Walker (Veteran)
  • RaShawn Baugh (Veteran)

To join any of the Project LOVE Coalition Boards or one of the PLC Committees contact PLC for details or attend an upcoming meeting to learn more about how you can be part of what we do.

Advisory Board Members


  • Kent Bey (Veteran), President / CEO
  • Julia Graves (Veteran), Secretary
  • Isaiah Brice-Pickens (Veteran), Chief Financial Officer
  • Joshua Furlong (Veteran)
  • Tekia Warren, Trustee

Auxiliary Board