Public Meetings 
Every first Saturday of each month at 11am Carnegie Library Hill District at 2177 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (Meeting times and locations are subject to change)
Volunteer assistance needed for the community garden, the Harvest Homecoming Dinner October 11, 2018 and the Veterans Block Party September 8, 2018 and the Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative (VA+HC) Capacity Building Phase. Specifically, for the VA+HC we need people to help homeless and formerly homeless veterans. All Are Welcome. Contact us for any questions.

Block Party & Peace Assembly 
On September 8, 2018 join PLC in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh, PA for this back to school / stop the violence event which brings together Police Officers, Youth and Communities to improve relations. Your participation can make an impact! For further information or to support or volunteer contact Project Love Coalition Office, at 412 533 3837 from 9:00am to 5:00pm (M-F), and thereafter 412 728 3952

Harvest Homecoming Dinner
October 11, 2018 Please come join us for a special dinner event benefitting the Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative initiative, an initiative by Project Love Coalition. To ensure a successful fundraising event, we invite your organization to be a sponsor. By sponsoring Harvest Homecoming, your company will receive valuable benefits allowing you to brand your organization to the expected 200 guests at the event. You will also be recognized as a supporter of Project Love Coalition and its affordable housing and workforce initiatives. 100% of the net proceeds from this event will go directly to support housing and services for vulnerable populations. For further information call 412 533 3837. Click here for more details.

Veterans Agricultural Opportunities in Farming / Ranching Initiative 
Project Love Coalition is looking for people to help form a project team that will develop a model training program specifically designed for hands-on farming and ranching training for military veterans. This PLC initiative is for veteran engagement in agricultural pursuits, particularly concerning small and medium-size farms and agribusiness, such as the provision of education and training to veterans and the development of skills leading to job placement and career opportunities in farming and ranching, including access to land, equipment, and capital. For further information call 412 533 3837.