Provide support services to Veterans in the Hill District and Homewood that ensure safe and appropriate housing for them and their families; teach new, marketable job skills that capitalize on their creativity; and connect them with one another and with the broader community.

The Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative will provide permanent, affordable housing and arts-infused job training in the Hill District and Homewood to veterans.

The Project Love Coalition (PLC) is inviting you to join our community efforts by being a volunteer, supporter or partner in the Veteran Arts + Housing Collaborative (VA+HC) this new development initiative by the Project Love Coalition (PLC) will provide affordable housing and supportive services to formerly homeless veterans and low income veterans — A great opportunity to maximize your investment in community or corporate social or economic responsibility!

VA+HC aims to build in the Hill District and Homewood neighborhoods, a Multi-unit affordable housing development that targets formerly homeless veterans. The project is the result of a collaboration between a number of entities, including the Project Love Coalition and City of Pittsburgh.

On-site supportive services will be provided by a project team partner to ease the case-load of local providers. The Project Love Coalition, a non-profit group, began its Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative project in 2015 in response to the crisis of veterans homelessness, and is now also working to address the shortage of affordable permanent housing in blighted neighborhoods targeted for gentrification.

The goal of PLC’s Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative is to increase supportive and affordable housing options and to create employment opportunities for homeless and low-income veterans in the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

A safe, stable, affordable home coupled with specialized services and an environment that recognizes their unique needs and honors their service can be the hand up that our veterans need to achieve their best.

For more information please contact Kent Bey, Project Manager VA+HC

Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative